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I graduated in Mexico City as a Logotherapist &  Existential Analyst and I love my profession because the transformation of my patients shows that good teamwork is the path to well-being and individual growth. This is achieved by building a good work plan and proposing clear objectives.

On a personal level, I firmly believe that it is very important to reflect the highest values with the people with whom I work, in congruence with my personal life. That the person find meaning in the work they do and discover their own values is vital to be able to live fully.

It is difficult to adapt to a big change, if we find confidence and certainty in ourselves, everything will be much easier to handle.

Loneliness, insecurity, nonsense, fear, frustration, are some of the feelings and sensations that often accompany us in our lives. It is not about not feeling them, but about discovering what we can do with them.


I understand the weight and frustration of knowing that there are more positive things out there for you, but not knowing where to turn first. My mission is simple: to give my clients the wellness education, tools, and resources they need to feel happy, healthy, and able to handle lifes pressures. Contact me and lets get started.

Porqué Logoterapia


terapia individual


Your decisions, not conditions, determine who you are.


Its not the past that holds you back, its the future and how you build it today


Your greatest freedom is that despite the situation in life, you are always free to choose your thoughts and your attitude!

claudia de la cerda


Love is the only way to capture another human being in the deepest core of your personality.


Every human being has the freedom to change at any time.


The person who discovers the reason for his existence, will be able to bear almost anything

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