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Therapy with meaning of life.

It is therapy with the sense of healing, caring and accompanying the patient as well as discover the meaning of your liferemembering that the first most important moment of the human being iswhen he is born and the second is when you know what you were born for.

logoterapia, psicoterapia


Your decisions, not conditions, determine who you are.


It is not lastwhat stops you, is the future and how you build it today


Your greatest freedom is that despite the situation in life,you are always free to chooseyour thoughts and your attitude!

logoterapia, terapia, psicoterapia, terapeuta


Loveit is the only way to capture another human being in the deepest core of your personality.


Every human being has the freedom to changeanytime.


The person who discovers thewhy of its existence, will be able to withstand almost any "how"

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